12 Things To Do For Successful Blog Promotion

In actual scenarios, some of the key people who would know that you have posted a blog are your RSS subscribers. After some time lapse, a search engine spider fails to crawls near the post making the post obsolete fetching it no views at all. Even if you don’t doubt about the fact that you post is groundbreaking, if the clicks and view fail to meet the numbers and hint Google, it might fail to figure out the same. So what is the best way to keep the blogs rise and shining on the internet can be summed up in some of the few steps that are listed below.


Blog promotion steps discussed below are followed by companies offering SEO Services Toronto and other parts of the world that helps the content to get noticed by key influencers and prospective chunk of customers.

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• SEO / Keyword integration: It is important to begin with this simple step in which content should be regarded as quite good but teaming it up with relevant keyword and integration can help in making a bigger impact on its overall rankings on Search Engine and traffic generation. So, scan most relevant keywords and terms taking help from Google Adwords’ and feed the same into your content to fetch it higher number of views, shares etc.


• Syndication: As discussed above, to make a blog powerfully popular is through RSS feed. It is regarded as simple syndication that helps in automatically feeding the content of the blog into places scattered on the internet such as forums, social networking sites etc.


• Keep the URL short: It helps in posting quick links on Twitter and other social media platforms. If possible you can understand what includes in a URL shortening service, which is regarded as a smart social media strategy.



• Recurrent status updates: It might seem simple but it demands continuity. Refresh the content to get consistent views and shares.


• Post content teasers on different sites: Luckily many social networking sites as well as forums permit the content promotion if that is valuable, suited to the community, and not just targeted at brand promotion.


• Social bookmarking: It hints posting content on widely searched social bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, etc.) which becomes key source of fetching traffic, backlinks and exposure.


• Ask for comments on other blogs: Linking your blog to similar content and a trending blog can be an effective way of blog promotion.


• Take help from Twitter: Asking for genuine assistance from loyal Twitter followers can help in spreading the blog link to get more views.


• Email signature: As the name indicates, simply add the new blog URL to your email signature to spark more views.


• Share blog with target customers: Best SEO Agency Calgary suggests identifying and mailing them the blog link to promote it in an out and out way.


• Add blog post to next e-newsletter: If you have huge number of subscribers, the blog promotion can be done in a massive scale this way


• Ask co-bloggers for help: Request mention of your post in one of their well-received blog post to make a big jump


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Lucy Orloski, Content Community Manager in SEOHeights, a Canada based digital marketing company, has worked in a number of capacities in marketing since 2008. She provides consultancy for increasing traffic through search engines, social media, email marketing and improving the site and page conversion rates to increase sales using existing visitor traffic. If you want to increase traffic, sales or want branding of your business then contact me

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