5 SEO Mistakes that Should not be Committed

Search Engine Optimization is a definite requirement if you want your website to excel. A professional SEO campaign is extremely important if you want your website to acquire a good rank. Big SEO mistakes can obviously ruin the reputation of a website for ever. Other than that, brand owners should have a team of SEO experts if they want their website to get a good rank and retain it in the long run. Some SEO mistakes can prove to be damaging in the long run. However, if you have a professional SEO team, these mistakes can surely be avoided.

5 SEO Mistakes that Should not be Committed

Here are 5 commonly made SEO mistakes

1. 100% per cent original content

Publishing original content has several benefits and if the information on your website is copied, you should expect numerous problems. When a website is being ranked by Google, the search engine checks several aspects before a decision is made. Google has strict policies and websites have to face a very competitive environment. Original content is one of the key requirements which every website has to fulfil. If the content of the website is not scratch written, it obviously does not have anything different to offer to the customers. Thus, the interest of the customers is eliminated even before it gets developed. Unique content is important if you want the customers to continue visiting your website. There is no scarcity of websites in each category and customers do not take long before they switch to a better option.

• The perspective of Google is very clear when it comes to awarding a website rank. If the content is unique and written from the start, the chances of getting a good rank are very slim. This is mainly because the level of readability is less and the readers do not get anything new to read. Along with that, there is another negative aspect attached to publishing read content. When Google is analysing the content of your website and it is not completely original, confusion is created for the bots about the rank. Google bots fail to understand whether your website should be ranked at a higher position or not. Thus, make sure that the content of your website is scratch written so that users get fresh information to read.

2. Lack of Proofreading

One of the biggest signs of spam websites is that the content has grammatical issues. As spam websites are designed for a limited time span, they do not have quality content. Thus, when readers view the content, they get convinced that the website has legitimacy issues. Hence, to convince the readers that the website is legitimate, the content should be proofread. You need to know that when the reader goes through the content and witnesses that it is not grammatically correct, he would obviously shift to another website that does not have content problems. In a nutshell, content should be proofread properly before it is published and becomes available to the users.

3. Too many images

Quality is only one secret for getting a high SEO rank according to Google standards. A website cannot acquire a good rank if it does not meet the quality requirements in anyway. Using images is good as visual content increases the user count. This does not mean that images should be used even when the need does not exist. If your website has images which have been added even when they do not increase the value of the website, the SEO rank of the website would suffer. Thus, make sure that if you are using images, only relevant ones should be added.

4. Insufficient UX focus and improvement

Why do some websites have issues in terms of SEO ranks? Does your website have state of the art user experience? User experience is related to a number of SEO areas. In an overall manner, the UX of a website decides whether a user would be confortable while browsing or not. A complicated interface is a major sign of low UX standards. Users do not prefer websites which are hard to understand and use. Other than that, users do not have a lot of technical knowledge so if they are unable to check the website features, you can expect them to make an exit. The best way to avoid a low SEO rank is paying proper attention to the website user experience. Make sure that all the features of the website meet the highest standards and are immensely easy to use. Keep things as simple for the users as possible.

5. Unrelated Content can be a problem

Any source of confusion for the user will be a setback for the website growth. A common problem with most low ranked websites is substandard content. Quality content is a very strong factor for taking a website to the top SEO ranks. Along with that, publishing content with grammatical mistakes is not the only thing which can cause a problem. If the content on your website is not related to the services you offer, the visitors would get confused and they would have doubts about whether your website is a quality option or not. For instance, if you are offering software development services, the content should provide an insight of the same domain. In other words, the content on your website should be a source of help for the user and cause an increase in his understanding. When users go through the website of a brand, they make decisions according to the information published. If the content is not helpful enough, users would not be convinced that the product would be as per their standards.

Adding it all up

If you are using the correct methodologies for your website, it would grow and progress at a rapid rate. For instance, some websites use a proper keyword planning tool and update their keywords on regular basis. In this way, their rank does not fall. In an overall manner, a well-defined SEO strategy is needed to get traffic and encourage users to make regular visits. If you have a high count of users, it is not necessary that the traffic rate is high. Certain websites have a high bounce rate as users do make visits but do not spend a great deal of time. For more other amazing 60+ SEO tools, you can visit prepostseo.

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