5 Tips for Hiring an SEO Consultant

Previously, only those businessmen used to hire SEO consultants who had huge enterprises with massive revenues. Being exposed to bigger market scales, they were well aware of the significance of such investments to evaluate their marketing strategies and techniques. However, nowadays the trend of hiring high profile and fully experienced SEO consultants is not just limited to big companies but small-scale business owners are also exploring such new ideas.

5 Tips for Hiring an SEO Consultant

Because of the increasing demand of SEO consultants in the market, several agencies are setting up inefficient and fake agents to cheat companies and charge heavy fees. In order to save yourself from such scams, it is necessary to speculate the SEO market properly before hiring such an agency.

To help you find the most appropriate option, in this article we have surveyed a top marketing agency in London and compiled some potential tips for hiring an ideal SEO consultant for your brand. Go through these tips thoroughly before hiring a company to deal with your SEO related matters.


  • Start Yourself


Because of lack of time or knowledge in the SEO field, several people usually don’t even look into this matter, and rather prefer to simply hand over the money to agency without doing any research. Blind faith in such companies is not a wise decision. It is always recommended to do some initial research in terms of the expertise a consultant must have in order to market your brand. You can start with Google Webmaster or SEO Starter Guide to know more about this industry.


  • Follow the right type of Social Media and SEO Marketers


You can also start by following the right type of SEO managers online. With billions of users on different social media platforms, it is difficult to choose the right media influencer. But this task can be easier if you have the right list to follow. Therefore, begin by making a list. Follow their plans and see how are they feasible for your company. Some of the leasing names in the industry are Jake Paul, Neil Patel, and Danny Sullivan.


  • Have a detailed conversation


If you have shortlisted a few top marketing agencies in London, make your way for a detailed conversation. Email them to book a time slot to call or meet them in their office. It is better to ask them all the essential questions, regarding their credibility, past experience, ways to evaluate progress, rates, discounts, etc. Once you have known them, it is the time to tell them about your needs – what is your company all about, why are you planning to hire a freelance SEO, what are going to your targets to achieve, etc.

SEO agencies tend to perform much better when they know all the details about the company of their client. In this way they are able to formulate customized plans which work best for individuals case.


  • Double check their references


In the SEO world it is quite common to ask for references and then follow them properly as there is no other way to validate the promises made by the agency. Therefore, in your first meeting ask them to share a few references with you so that you can inquire them about the performance of the agency. If the consultant refuses to share any references with you, it might mean things are not very clear here and it is better to look for some other consultants.


  • Keep a prompt track


Whether you have already hired an SEO consultant or are planning to do so, it is always recommended to keep a close track of their performance. As it is far easier to deceive people with online marketing than conventional marketing, holding them accountable is extremely important. As them for a fully strategist plan, and way to evaluate the progress.

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