7 Simple Ways to Dominate Local Search

Getting your business right up there in top results of the local search is pretty important, however, significantly tricky as well. The competitiveness in local SEO is greater than it ever used to be, hence getting your website in top results of local search requires knowledge and efforts. However, with effective SEO, you can pull in a lot of valuable traffic.

7 Simple Ways to Dominate Local Search

Here are some simple yet highly effective ways of dominating local search.

Optimize Titles and Meta Description

Meta description and titles are still quite important for effective SEO. The title and Meta description are significantly influential. They are more or less mini adverts for your website, referring to everything consumers can expect from your website.

Titles should be brief and expressive initially. They must have the element that triggers excitement and curiosity.

Next, you Meta description must be highly optimized as well. Initially, it shouldn’t be longer than the ideal limit on Yoast SEO. Also, it must be compelling, to-the-point, localized and highly professional.

Ideally, your titles and Meta Descriptions must be based on local keywords to maximize results.

Optimize the Slug

Optimizing the URL slug is another simple yet effective technique of dominating local search. The URL slug must be short, effective, localized and must not contain any stop word for better results.

Claim Your Google My Business Page

Google My Business is a vast business directory, containing content and location details of local businesses. Claiming the GMB page for your business is highly recommended as it can get you important exposure. Plus, it’s free so there’s absolutely no reason for not availing it.

The process of claiming a GMB page for your business is pretty simple. You’ll need to visit google.com/business and feed in some details to go through the verification process, which is extremely important for Google to ensure the authenticity of the business. Once you’re done, better results and higher traffic will come your way.

This way, you can get your business listed in Google’s official records, improving your local search results position. You can attract a significantly higher number of consumers, making your SEO marketing strategy more effective.

Localize your Content

A lot of entrepreneurs fail to comprehend the importance of localized content and undermine its effectiveness. You need to have local content in order to dominate local search; it’s as simple as it sounds.

To improve your position in local search results, your content must have that local element of your respective targeted community, attracting greater audience towards your website.

Optimize and Localize Landing Pages

Localizing landing pages is essential and highly effective in modern-day SEO. If you’re part of a large organisation, you must have localized landing pages for every region; else you won’t be able to attract local consumers.

Consider Social Signals

While the influence of social signals on search rankings is still under discussion, you simply cannot rule it out. Directly or indirectly, social signals, in some way definitely influence local search rankings.  

Subsequently, you must ensure that your social media marketing is flawless. Having a strong social network can actually get your business up there in the top results of the local search.

Optimize Your Website and Landing pages for Mobile

While a majority of searches take place through smartphones, it is highly important to optimize your content for mobile phones. This will extend convenience towards your target audience, resulting in better local search ranking.

With the above methods and techniques, you can certainly dominate local search, attract an audience and convert them into customers.

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