Deadly Social Media Mistakes for your Business

Social Media plays a vital role in online marketing. That is why all the top business establishments pay a special focus on Social Media to enjoy a greater market reach and higher traffics in their websites. According to some experts, Social Media is even important for physical mode of business too. The popularity of a brand is immensely enhanced through Social Media marketing.

Social Media Mistakes

Thus, the online businesses need to have an expert intervention for imparting a professional Social Media marketing. Online business owners often commit a number of Social Media mistakes that damage their reputations in the long run.

Some deadly mistakes most often committed by the organizations while undertaking promoting their businesses through Social Media are as follows –

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• Unplanned use of Social Media – Popular Social Medias like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter etc. are used by millions of people all over the world every moment. In order to catch their attention, a suitable plan is to be designed before opening an account. Popularity in Social Media depends a lot on the regular inputs and quality of those inputs. Unplanned inputs, images and adverts may destroy the image of an organization.

Social Media Tips

• Lack of communication – Mere input in the wall is not sufficient, until the business owner is responding positively to a comment from a visitor. In many occasions, it is seen that, visitors go on asking and the organization never responds. This habit not only spoils the existing reputation, but also diminishes brand value of the organization.

Facebook mistakes

• Lack of human touch – Online marketing is no way different from a physical mode of marketing. Visitors who are viewing the products or reading the pros and cons of a service put comments or send emails or contact the representatives of an organization through chat options to know more about the organization or its products and services. So, the response from the representatives are always expected. Many such organizations just lose hundreds of prospects or existing customers for not responding or for not responding in time. In fact, many customers feel humiliated as the organization doesn’t show any interest to respond.

Social Media Marketing

• Lack of branding strategy – It is one of the most severe mistakes that many organizations commit in Social Media. Internet users use multiple social networks nowadays. So, organizations should have a clear branding strategy for all the social networks they use. That is to say, visitors should easily recognize the brand irrespective of the Social Medias they are using. Many organizations use different concepts like slogans, images, color formats, etc. on different Social Medias. This not only confuse their customers, but also a poor strategy for enhancing brand image.


• Backdated profile – Once a profile is created that doesn’t mean that it will remain the same year after year. Organizations often mistake in this aspect. In fact, this is one of the greatest Facebook mistakes often committed by the organizations. Changes in any organizational matter, policy, communication address, including email Ids and phone numbers, etc. are to be updated just when they change. This has a positive impact on the regular visitors.


Every business minded organization, who wants to prosper in the online mode of business and also wants to create a higher brand image should follow the Social Media tips provided with the mistakes as depicted here. Otherwise, these issues may spoil the years of hard work within a few days.

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