Your Ecommerce Website Is Leaking Money! Here’s How to Fix It

Your ecommerce website is developed perfectly, visitors are posting good remarks and experts are also talking about it. But, your assumption is telling a different story. You have target, but conversion log is not matching even not going closer to your expectation. Thus, you know you are losing money every day. In this tough market, you can’t afford to lose even a penny.

 Your Ecommerce Website Is Leaking Money

Let’s look at some aspects where you need to re-inspect performance of the ecommerce site and look for necessary changes if required :

  1. Show Up Latest Stocks With More Images And Right Information – Successful ecommerce sites depend more on images and less on written information. So, add multiple images for a single product. Use only the image of actual products, many ecommerce business fail because images don’t resemble to the products delivered to the customers. Also, aware visitors on the key aspects of the product like its specialty, present availability, and price. Always be serious on authenticity of the information. Always remember that right information will make you trustworthy in the market in the long-run.

  2. 1. Show up latest stocks with more images and right information

  3. Have A Clear Cut Return Policy – Ecommerce is still at its early stage. People order products, but many of them wants to return the products too. Narrate your return policy in easy to understand language and also keep your return policy as flexible as possible.

  4. Return Policy

  5. Remain Active In Social Media – Social Media is a great way to increase contacts and trustworthiness. Whatever you are describing about your company, your goal, and current target also express these openly in social media too. Let the others comment on your products and ecommerce, ask suggestion from the others and also request them to visit your site. Soon, you will get some brand loyal customers.

  6. Remain active in social media

  7. Strengthen Customer Relation Management (CRM) – There are many aspects of CRM where you have a huge scope to improve. First of all provide a customer care number where the visitors or customers will be able to contact a real person with any issue. Secondly, publish a clear privacy policy and provide top class payment gateway for them so that get confidence in online payment methods. And thirdly, keep customers updated regarding product delivery status.

  8. Strengthen customer relation management

  9. Reduce Transportation Burden On The Customers – Often a positive visitor to your site will negate his cart after seeing the high transportation cost. So, always try to charge less on transportation cost, which can be done in many ways.

Reduce transportation burden on the customers


Adopt these steps to increase conversion rate for your ecommerce site and reduce leakage as much as possible. Your product and effort deserves more than what the business is fetching right now.

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