Mantras Followed by Successful People in Online Marketing

Online marketing, the buzzword of the 21st century!

The internet has revolutionized the way we understand marketing today. Every self-respecting organization today has an online marketing strategy (including Email marketing, social media marketing, SEO etc). However, not everyone is excelling at it, and most vendors today are flailing at getting their voices heard in an overcrowded space.

Fear not, we’re here with the top tips from the gurus of online marketing that will help you nail digital in 2018!

Mantras followed by successful people in online marketing


Mantra #1: Be the Brand

That’s right, be the brand you want your organization to be perceived as. It is important because people attach value to the venture you run based on the experience you have.

If you have a trustworthy image, it not only lends a credible face to the organization, the business also will be better and easier to come by. You can always capitalize on a positive personal brand.


Mantra #2: Create Content that cuts through the noise!

It’s easy to be engulfed by the noise on the internet and begin doing what everyone is. You need to remember your Unique Selling Point, at all points of time. Even further, innovate and improve upon it, although without compromising the basic tenets of your service or product.

You could develop whitepapers, long form or short articles, and such to help people understand more about the field you are dealing in, about using and troubleshooting your services and products, and realize its relevance for them.

“Long-form blog posts generate 9x more leads than short-form blog posts.”Curata


Mantra #3: SEO! SEO!

Yes, chant that. In 2017, 48% of 1,200 global digital marketers opine that on-page SEO is still the most effective SEO tactic (Source). The more organized your website is and the more organic and useful content you produce, higher is your page ranking and thereby, better is your business.

It is a worthy investment and it won’t even cost you big bucks provided you have a versatile and consistent content generation strategy.


Mantra #4: Redefine Retention

If converting a customer is the step one to become a successful businessperson, then keeping or retaining these clients is the next one.

Till this mantra, we considered how to get people on your website. Now, we ponder what do these people do once they are on your website?

The services you offer should be easy to access and easy to find out. Loyalty programs are a good way of having people keep coming back for more. Apart from this, you could offer special packages to returning customers.

All these strategies are product and client base dependent. You’ll know what to do once you start paying attention to the game.


Mantra #5: Tap the SMM Potential

Social media marketing is among the most effective online advertising platforms. However, the tones and nature of advertisements have changed. Now, instead of click-bait articles, one needs quality and as crisp as possible pieces of content.

Graphics, infographics, short videos, vblogs etc are the new type of content in social media these days. If you haven’t already set this aside for your brand promotion budget, this is just as right a time as any to do that already.


Mantra #6: Email your way into your client base

Let’s first clarify something – email is not dead! It’s still the most common information medium on the internet today (by a large margin!), and that just makes it a tad more difficult to get eyeballs.

While emails bring the personal touch to the otherwise a little impersonal digital marketing scene, it also gets you a strong opportunity to cast a certain image for your organization and product. Use it to upsell and cross-sell to existing users, or send out cold emails to prospective ones!

When you send the correct email to the correct people at the correct time, business flourishes!


Where do you begin?

While these mantras seem easy when you read them, implementing them takes a lot more than just the general idea of it. If you are a novice, we recommend you understand the technicalities before letting the cat out of the bag. The best option for the same is to opt for a good Digital Marketing Course.


In Conclusion

Digital marketing is crucial to a business’s success in today’s world, even more so for the up and coming organizations. Chalk up your strategy and make sure you do great on the online front.

If you have any questions (or compliments, we dig compliments), do let us know in the comments’ section!

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