SEO for Travel Business: 5 Marketing Strategies for Travel Website

Are you dreaming of having a trip to the Bahamas and wants to experience swimming with the dolphins? Or maybe you a want peaceful walk with your partner to the nearest beach? If both of these are not your cup of tea, then there are waiting a huge number of endless destinations on the internet when you’re finally ready to book your dream vacation. Travelling can be a bit expensive thing, but usually, consumers do a ton of research and compare multiple companies before making a purchase.

SEO for Travel Business 5 Marketing Strategies for Travel Website

These days competition within the travel industry is increasing rapidly, and even the travel sites are fighting harder to get discovered, too. With regularly changing consumer trends, price wars between carriers, and Google updates, travel SEO has become its own niche in the SEO world.

Some of the unique things that you should be done for travel SEO to swim above the rest.

  1. Keep a better focus on optimizing for searches and conversions on both mobile and desktops

For travel inspiration, Search engines are one of the top sources. They allow people to select their holiday destinations, means of getting there, accommodations, and so forth. It’s true that the most of the people do their travel research online, and then they move towards the overall shift of mobile that brought in an additional 50% growth in travel-related mobile searches in just the past year.

As the time passes trend is increasingly in the case of seeing customers shifting to their phones to browse for ideas and compare companies, but the actual conversion is still the result via the computer.

  1. There are few ways to optimize for mobile:-
  • Create a mobile-friendly website: – These days the trend of creating Accelerated Mobile pages is growing rapidly in order to boost your website which significantly increases page load speeds and enhances user experience.
  • Keep Optimize for local searches: – The Phrases which involves including ‘near me’ are extremely popular with searchers. For example, If you want to search for good food, then you might type in the search box for ‘restaurants near me’. Therefore, it’s important that you should maintain proper local citation for your business so that you may rank well locally.
  • Focus on Google Destinations feature: – The Google launched recently new features as Destinations, which is an update on the mobile search that shows a comprehensive itinerary for searchers when they add “destination” or “vacation” to the end of their keyword. The suggested result includes flights, hotels… Destinations have it all.
  1. How to optimize for desktops
  • Build Effective Landing Pages:-The most popular booking platform since past times is the desktop for the travel industry. Your focus should be on landing pages for getting customers to buy. This means strong landing pages should be created with powerful headlines and bold call to actions.
  • Target on On-Page-Optimization: – From your internal links to your robots.txt file, everything should be tailored throughout your site in order to rank higher. With the On-Page-Optimization feature, you can gather better traffic to your website which can further results in better ranking in the SERP’s.
  1. Monitor your reviews: – Most of the travel sites today contain a review section, and around 42% of the people rely on reviews while researching. Good reviews not only boost your rank in the search engines but also people trust on other people, actually reviews heavily affect a traveler’s decision. For good reviews, you should provide an excellent product or service.

If we talk about SEO in terms of travel protect reputations and remember to keep an eye out for your reviews – both good and bad.

  1. Try to focus on getting into the ‘top’ lists of the best travel websites

Often, travelers will have a vast idea of where they actually wanted to go, and for that, they will move to Google to narrow down their destination. There are browse different options before making a decision. One should focus on some of your efforts in finding ‘top’ lists that are related to your tourism business, and get your website in there!

For example: – in case of visiting an island and if you are not sure that you should go for whom then just simply type over the search ‘best islands to visit’ and it will show you all the possible results within your budget. Here are the top results:

These are the few things that you should keep in mind in order to get better traffic and rank over the SERP’s. If you still have any queries or any kind of confusion then visit it has one of the amazing options that not too many travel companies are giving justice fully, foreign exchange. The prices which they are offering are brilliant with excellent hospitality and you will not find yourself complain about any of it at all.

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