Simple ways to dominate local search in 2018

Ranking higher in search engines is a bit tricky but never impossible. But the main problem is that the SERPs change all the time. Being consistent on the SERP is a little bit tricky. Some sites have been topping the local searches over the years. Well, some of them became immediately common among the people, and people have been searching them on daily bases like multiple social media sites. To keep the position consistent, you need to do some changes all year long, every day there is a new challenge that you have got to overcome. People work each day, every day to become better. The competition is so fierce that if you neglect one little thing, you are already losing behind. This is “you snooze; you lose” type situation in this internet leading era.

Simple ways to dominate local search in 2018

Here are some things that you can adapt to dominate local searches this year. These methods are used by top SEO agencies who work local search optimization like Digital Triggers.


  • Keep up with the local keywords

When you belong to a place, you have quite the idea of what people are going to search. The frequently-used words are already in your mind. So, it is not too hard to decide which keyword to choose. If you are considering local searches, you are probably running a small business. Just keep one thing in mind that you are not going to become number one ranking in just one night. Give you and your business some time. Focus on the fact what your company’s business is, choose the keyword according to it. If the spoken language of your local area is not standard English, then they are probably going to use their local language for making searches. When you are making keyword, try to use the words used by the local people in daily life. After choosing the right keyword, add it to your website and remember that you don’t have to do keyword stuffing. Also, make backlinks using your keyword along with generic keywords and brand name.  


  • Have well-organized website

Do you have the best content on your site? Are you selling the best thing in the whole area? Are you working on continually and still getting nowhere? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then I might have guessed what you are lacking. A representable website. Remember, when a person is first going to make a search. In just one moment he decides whether he is going to go further or not. If your website is poorly organized with poor visual representation, that man is out of there in no time.

The content should be organized in such manner that a person looks for something and it is there. Also, some things that people look over are: ‘Contact Us,’ ‘Help,’ ‘About S,’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ pages. Your website should always have them. It makes it user-friendly and looks more trustable. Your URLs should also be relatable. Each page should have a relatable URL according to the content.

The server also considers these things when ranking the websites.


  • Offer the best experience

Going through all this trouble, but for what? To give your users the most phenomenal experience. The search engines are going to consider the site to rank#1 that offers the best user experience. Now how can you achieve that? The answer is simple. Make unique content. It gives such a damaging impact when you are skimming things from different sites, and some of them have the same content. Also, try to make things as simple as possible.


  • Metadata

It is the simplest thing that can get you on top, but it is usually ignored by people. Metadata is a small description of the whole content of your page. It’s like a mini add. When search result appears, there are two small lines written under the heading. Add your target keyword in the meta description.  If the metadata matches with the search, it will appear on the top.

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