The Amazing Ways Instagram Uses Big Data And Artificial Intelligence

Instagram, the social networking app for sharing photos and videos, was launched in 2010. Back in September 2017, this app crossed 800 million monthly active users and 500 million daily active users. It was acquired by Facebook in 2012. Due to this, Instagram has come a long way. Now Instagram has massively accelerated its growth rate. According to the recent social media reports, this social networking app has also smoked Snapchat with the introduction of stories and refined messaging features. There is a big question nowadays that how to get followers on Instagram. There are many sites that can help you grow your audience and establish your credibility which will, in turn, get you more followers. You will be surprised to know that Instagram is getting more than 653,595 users per day.

The Amazing Ways Instagram Uses Big Data And Artificial Intelligence
Now, Instagram is going to be a big data company!

Instagram CEO, Kevin Systrom, says in a recent interview that we going to be a big data company. Yes, Instagram is putting AI, and Big Data to good use and their results speak for the effectiveness of these new-age technologies. The reason behind this is that there are approximately 70 million photos uploaded to Instagram every day. People usually interact with the posts on Instagram by showing their love with a heart, commenting and using hashtags. All these activities have created an enormous amount of data. With this growth and widespread acceptance, Instagram has become one of the companies that put Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to good use.

This article explains how and where Instagram apply Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in order to get an edge in the competition. So, take notes of what we are going to tell you because this article will actually be very useful for you in the long run.

1- Fine-tuned targeting for Advertising

Nowadays, Instagram’s advertising is becoming very effective and is yielding great returns to marketers. It is working to extract the customer insights such as search preferences and engagement data from users so as to feed their targeting system for ads. This is particularly done to turn the data into value. Now, Instagram has a powerful network of analytics information. This helps target advertising based on what people like, who they follow and interact with and what they save. By such act, Instagram can sell highly targeted advertising to brands that are looking to be found by users who belong to various profiles.

2- Providing a rich user experience

Nowadays, Instagram is putting efforts to provide a rich user experience. For the purpose of enhancing the experience of the users, it has changed its feed from reverse-chronological order to showing posts that it believes users would like and share. To put all this into action, various machine-learning algorithms were used to help sort the information and to better learn over time what is most valued and relevant for each user to create a personalized feed.

3- Mapping cultures and trends across the world

This social networking app is also mapping cultures and trends across the world. It is usually considered as a great platform to analyze the lifestyle trends in different geographies across the world. Its photos also reveal some great insights about cultures, lifestyle trends and clothing patterns across the globe. This is all due to big data and machine learning.

4- Explore Page and Search Function

Instagram also helps in exploring the page and search function. With the use of tags and trending information, it has given the facility to its followers to find photos for a particular activity, topic or event. Now, Instagram users can also discover experiences, restaurants, and places around the world that are trending. Moreover, the search tools of Instagram are enabled by tagging. These search tools help Instagram users discover things of interest among the millions of uploaded images.

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