Understanding the Concept of Hackathon before using it

The digital transformation over the past few years has taken place considerably. No doubt the rate at which it has impacted ample of business today’s is quite in high rate. The team of human resource has to come up with new ways to actual hire and engage the good talent that can help the organization not just grow but also stay ahead in the competition. But this is also a fact that it is never so easy the way it just looks and that is the main reason why choosing a good option of hiring pattern is required and for this there are many things which as a hiring manager you need to understand carefully.

Understanding the Concept of Hackathon before using it

Know more about hackathon:

Hackathon is one such amazing concept which was earlier used only by the It department for hiring. Since, it has gained a lot of popularity and demand over the past few years; needless to say it is now used by many popular companies from different industries on a hinge scale. And if you are planning to opt for such option or your organization then see to it that you choose the right approach for getting a good type of provider who can help you understand this concept and teach you the right way of using it. Till then, have a look at some of the basic information associated with it and know how using it can actually help you in your hiring decision.

Understanding the purpose:

The reason why It department uses hackathons is because it helps to reinvent and improve the employee and candidate’s experience while it works as the platform to create the deep cross functional skills. The reason of using such type of option is because it is designed to bring different group of individuals. The less time the candidates take to solve the issue, the high are the chances they would be able to deal with even further p[problems in future and this is the main reason why such type of option is advised to be done for better growth and development.
The main benefit associated with a hackthon is that you are in the process of meeting new people and develop large connections with your future business partners. You are going to learn some new things in the process but in no way it points to be an educational journey.

Know more about this concept:

Hackathon basically is typical way to shortlist the candidates. Suppose in Facebook when you like something, there is a ‘Like’ button that you prefer to click on. Similarly, you can call hackathon as an internal Facebook for the organization. It is a design application that allows you to see through the eyes of the candidates. It is also now used as the inside forward option for the human resource team to function and re-invent the experience of the candidates and the employee. In today’s time, the team of HR in every industry is growing and needless to say if they have an option like hackathon then there are high chances for the organization to grow, succeed and have the best of the time.

The focus of HR hackathon is to get the practitioners of HR along with the internal design facilitators, and business leaders along with software designers and UX designers together to ideate a new breakthrough solution for the organization. This way, it helps in improving the experience of the employee create the new ways and also lets the user to use it for building the cross functional leader skills. The team generally that works on such platform is highly skills. They plan to create a hackathon that can actually improvise the candidate’s job profile and ensure that their experience during the organization period is hassle free. Besides, it lets you match the aspiring candidates with the opening of the job at the organization.

Creating a winning solution:

Ideally the core of the process was to define the criteria to select a winning solution. As per the research made, it has been stated that hackathon completely believes in creating the simple solution that was actually rated on the scale of 1-10. It covers the crucial point in which the opinion of the candidates is known. Some of the questions include how well is the concept, how much would be the price to bring the candidate’s experience whether it is usable and well designed for a better user experience and whether there was any kind of research that was being used in overall process.

On asking for the opinion on the expertise solution, it is believed that is the company has designed such option then it is preferably to match with the applicant with the right keywords set that can relate to the job description. This could eventually cut down the hiring process, save the ample of time and money of the candidate and also improvise the overall experience of the candidate which certainly can help not just to scope out the problem but also ensure that the right people are selected for the organization. The blend of software designers with the HR team together works for solving the problem with the solution.

Hackathon is a place that create a valuable environment and where all the innovative solutions and ideas can actually come up to the life. It focuses on meeting the requirement of the local reality and sees to it that the intense competition gets challenged and the participants are able to come up with the smart ways within a stringent time line
No doubt that it is one smart way by which It professionals are actually creating the solutions that would have a strong impact which the actual society in different categories would do and even the companies will be involved in the process that would offer the technology resources with better insightful ideas. So if you are looking forward to have the best team for your organization then certainly this is the right scope for you.

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