What Exactly To Look When Selecting Web Crawler?

The internet, information super high way is really a complicated set of networking protocols that works to ease the means of communication and speed up data delivery as well. A web crawler is also called a web spider owing to the complicated and intricate set of protocols that it does follow. A web crawler is basically an internet bot that is used to browse through data over the World Wide Web. Now the question is how to select the suitable web crawler for a company or any other small scale organization so that it reasonably serves the purpose.


What Exactly To Look When Selecting Web Crawler


Basic requirement- identify needs of usage

Selecting one web crawler needs some specifications and to get the purpose of usage clear is of utmost importance. Firstly, we need to look into our needs regarding selection of a web crawler. Different features serve different specific purposes and the criteria must be requirement specific. Different professional arena requires different sort of web crawling and different sort of browsing over the web; hence, purpose specific the demand should always be.

  • The size of the website
  • Issues faced by the website
  • Software application used to run and handle the website
  • If the website links ( URL ) are broken or not

These are some of the factors to be kept in mind in this first context. The website using the web crawler matters a lot. In fact-

  • Number of pages to be crawled
  • Size of the pages to be crawled

The above two aspects matter when it comes to deciding the price. The price increases when the website size is increased and the page size along with page numbers increase.


Detection of robot.txt file and sitemap

A web crawler should always be able to detect these along with detection of non index able pages. Pages which have restrictions regarding browsing must be detected by a web crawler. This is a feature that must be looked at while selecting a web crawler in accordance with ones need.


Audit faulty redirects

A good web crawler should always provide us with the option of correcting faulty redirects and also to audit them. As redirects are quite common on web pages, this is a must have feature for a good web crawler.

The conflicts among various HTTPs must be handled well by a web crawler because this often happens when there are several pages and posts to be handled at a time on a single website or several links involved.

Well, once we are done with the basic features that a web crawler must have to serve our purpose we should move on to specifications and advanced features which we always expect from technical facets. Faster efficient, accurate services are all we want when we browse through websites and pages.


Mobile friendliness

A good web crawler must have features that can access issues through phone network as well. Mobile elements might sometimes have hamstrung and good web crawlers must be able to detect that well.


Using Google analytics

Being able to track the protocols of Google analytics and work in sync with that is an advanced ability as Google analytics can make the job easier and can track rather monitor a web crawler’s job too.


Keyword tracking

Well, viewers always keep on searching depending upon the keywords on a specific page or a specific topic hence; the web crawler must have advanced features to roll its eyeballs upon specific keywords so that the entire browsing becomes hassle free and easier as well.

To track the key word on a document surface is a bigger task and if the web crawler does that, it is no less than a gold fish bowl. Tracking, placing, monitoring keywords in a document or on website pages is difficult that advanced web crawlers are having as a feature to serve us.


Tracking performance rate and graph

The main purpose of using a web crawler is to identify issues about the website and to track how the website performs. It is all about improving the website’s performance and also about tracking its graph and rate of improvement. A web crawler must monitor all these facets that concern the working of a website, performance as a whole.

Well , to sum it up as a whole, a good web crawler must help us to choose a better software, repair broken link issues, monitor a website performance and redirect monitoring is there as well. Gold Coast’s favourite and other seo professionals require such web crawlers which must have these basic features and beacon on cheese if the advanced features too. A good web crawler is a must have for professional domains and for large scale or small scale business as well. Every where we can find official websites dealing with other professional organizations, hence, monitoring the website performance is of utmost importance.

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