10 New Social Media Sites Your Business Should Take Advantage Of

Technology, today has introduced a number of apps and works in our life indefinite way that helps us to stay connected globally, family and friends. It is a virtual place to express oneself, get connected to professionals and the best part of it is to introduce your business.



Here are 10 new social media apps that will give certainty and provide your business to a new avenue to the customers:

1. YO: It is a simple messaging or Push Notification App. It is a social application for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
2. YIK Yak: It is a social media smartphone application, available for Android and iOS, that helps to create and view discussion within a 5mile radius.
3. Periscope: It is a live video to the world as well as streaming app for iOS and Android. This helps to notify your followers so that they can join and give comments.
4. Shots: It is the best comedy app to get the daily dose of laughter through funny posts from your friends.
5. Trello: It is a web based project management application and gives you perspective to overall your projects, at home and at work. To know more about Social Media Marketing In Toronto, is the best option to gain knowledge.
6. Wanelo: The best way to shop on your phone as it has new amazing products of big brands too.
7. Snapchat: It is a mobile app that allows users to send and receive “self-destructing” photos and videos.
8. Vimeo: It is an app where you can store, watch, and share video and the easiest way to upload videos to Vimeo from camera and photo app.
9. Vine: It is a short- form video sharing service. You can record and edit 5-6 second long looping video.
10. Viber: You can make free messages and calls from any Android device on any network to Viber user anywhere.



Benefits of Social Media:

Social media sites are worldwide popular, 31% of the population are active users, 27% are mobile users. SEO Services In Vancouver, is the best option to get knowledge.

1. Society Benefits:


• Helps people to stay in touch
• Keep users up to date
• Improves the learning process
• Allow users to market themselves


2. Business Benefits:


• Increase brand awareness
• Legitimizes your brand
• Increase sales
• Improve customer services
• Helps to distribute content.
I am sure the above tips will be helpful for you to promote your business. If you are still wanting for more knowledge, I suggest for SEOheights, your queries will be solved.

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