7 Best E-Commerce Platform for SEO

Best E-Commerce Platform for SEO

SEO has become a crucial part of any e-commerce website. If you want good brand recognition and traffic then you need good organic traffic. Most of the sale depends on the organic traffic on the website. For better sales, your products matter the most. But your people will get to know about your brand only with good SEO. Without SEO, getting good traffic on your website is difficult. You need SEO for ecommerce website to boost the business. But SEO for e-commerce is different and many e-commerce sites themselves provide some degree of SEO support. Several e-commerce platforms are available today. Not every site provides the same services. Before you select any e-commerce platform for your business; check its features. 

Features of best ecommerce platform for SEO

Every e-commerce site has some specific features depending on the users’ requirements. These features can influence the ranking of your website. More SEO-friendly features mean better help in traffic and web ranking. 

Website speed

Faster the site speed better the traffic. No person likes to scroll through a sluggish website. If the site of your website is slow then people won’t check your products. Getting a good ranking on a slow website is very difficult. Even if the web ranking is good, people still won’t choose your site. In this era, speed matters a lot. A delay of a few mini-seconds can create a huge difference. If the website is slow; its bounce rate will increase. Your eCommerce site should be fast. Always choose a platform with a quick loading time. With good hosting capabilities, go for better speed. 

Customized HTML

All eCommerce platforms provide a certain level of control on HTML tags for data like meta, description, and titles. But the best SEO ecommerce platform provides more flexibility to the user. Always check what customization is provided by your website. It’s crucial to customize the head data on your site. Customizing information like title and meta is not only good for SEO but also the users. The user can easily get to know about the data on your site. 

Canonical website URLs

Canonical website URLs are crucial for SEO. It is a preferred web address so that your search engine can easily find the correct page. Without this, the search engine may get confused while indexing the site. With canonical website URLs, you can consolidate the links and prevent content duplicity. 

Sitemap features 

People use the sitemap to improve accessibility and easy search engine access. You should use an eCommerce platform that can generate sitemaps. All top eCommerce websites allow the user to create sitemaps that meet all your requirements.

Indexing control

Many eCommerce sites offer better in-depth indexing control. With this, you can manage which pages should be visible on the search engine results. It is crucial as it allows visibility control to the user without affecting the site’s appearance. 

Mobile optimization

Today everyone uses mobile phones; use eCommerce platforms that offer mobile-friendly interfaces. Most of the sites offer mobile-friendly platforms. Choose a platform that provides easy access, management, and mobile optimization. 

Top ecommerce platforms for SEO

1. Shopify

If you are new to eCommerce then Shopify is the best platform for you. Shopify is very user-friendly and provides a very simple platform. In this eCommerce site, you will get lots of advanced features to improve the user experience such as blog functionality, social sharing buttons, etc. You will also get good indexing control and other essential tools for generating a sitemap of the website. Shopify also offers lots of plugins that add lots of other features to the site. The user can select different analytics and SEO plugins depending on the site’s performance. You can integrate the Shopify store to Google Analytics and inspect the sales and traffic. Some top features of Shopify are secure checkout, easy-platform, customizable templates, Facebook integration, auto calculate shipping prices, etc.

2. BigCommerce

BigCommerce is a top eCommerce platform for SEO. It is simple to configure and provides good flexibility fr meta and HTML tags. In BigCommerce, you will also get indexing control, sitemap features, and better SEO-friendly URLs. The admin doesn’t require any coding information as everyone can easily access it. It is a SaaS platform which means you don’t have to think about its maintenance. The top features of BigCommerce are SEO tools, PayPal integration, free templates, POS functionality, multi-currency selling, etc.

3. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a powerful and super flexible eCommerce platform for SEO. It provides lots of features you can get from open-source tools. WooCommerce is a plugin provided by WordPress that means you can build it on WordPress. It has the necessary hosting but the user can also host it with WordPress. WooCommerce provides regular updates to enhance the interface. It has lots of plugins like improved SEO, stock control, social media integration, etc. Some of the top features of WooCommerce are lots of extensions, SEO-friendly features, extensive documentation, full customization design, good customer support, etc.

4. Wix

Wix is a web development platform that also offers eCommerce services. Using Wix is very easy to use and offers better eCommerce support. It is a cloud-based platform that means you can easily access the site from all systems. The user doesn’t have to install or download any files. It provides lots of free templates and you can also create your own. Some top features of Wix are logo design, real-time shipping & tracking, digital product support, etc.

5. Magento

Magento is best known for providing better control on the website. You can create more flexible and extensive features on the site. This platform is not easy but is very powerful. It also allows the addition of third-party extensions and improved SEO functions. The best features of Magento are catalog management, product browsing, marketing tools, payments & shipping, etc.

6. Volusion

Volusion is an eCommerce platform that provides lots of eCommerce store-building functions. You can easily manage and sell the products. It is a hosted platform which means the site is on the server. If you are a beginner then using Volusion is very helpful. You don’t have to think about site loading or storage issues. The best features of Volusion are navigation editor, SSL certificate, search functionality, marketing tools, etc.

7. Squarespace

If you need a cost-effective website, Squarespace is for you. This platform is not only affordable but also offers lots of templates to create an online store. In SEO, Squarespace is excellent for blogging and content marketing. This platform is very mobile-friendly.

Some other eCommerce sites for SEO are Sellfy, Zyro, Shift4Shop, 3dCart, etc. Check all the features, pricing, reliability, robustness, and then choose the best eCommerce platform for your website.

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