7 Killer Tips to Instantly Increase Your Ecommerce Traffic & Sales

Gone are the days, when having an online store was enough to fetch profits for a business. With the ever scaling competition, it has become important for companies to ensure that the online shop is being promoted in the right manner. There are many ways in which one can promote their e-commerce site, among which top 7 are discussed in detail below. Let’s take a look at these:
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1. Posting thrice A Day on Social Media Sites:


It is all about staying on top on the search pages. Since major percentage of audience is directed from social media platforms, posting content and maintaining it online for brand positioning is really effective.

2. Add icons of the associated social networks:

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Entering icons into the post increases the chances of post being widely shared and liked by followers. The icons can be teamed up the website, newsletters, blog, e-mail signature and articles.

3. Choose interesting content to attract maximum followers:

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Online visitors will be more interested in reading a special offer, picture, news, phrase, or other sort of information since it is more eye catching, and inspiring for them. Every online entrepreneur has to research about the preferences and lifestyle so that relevant content can be posted to positively impact the site visibility.

4. Opt for pictures to be posted on Facebook:

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Visual generation of content is really important since it is scientifically proven that more than 90% of the information gets registered by brain 60.000 times faster than the text.

5. Add Call to Action in each post:


In every post, make a point that you write a call to action. After every post, tell them if you want them to comment, share, like or subscribe. This will guide the viewers to actively participate in the post for a brief time period fetching it additional view and reads.
Invite Word of Mouth Marketing: Add a questionnaire and tell you customer fill it and leave a positive review which works as a powerful factor in strengthening the credibility and customers trust.

6. Pinterest:


This site is viewed by more than 48.7 million users and is a great platform to demonstrate products and connect with community at large.

7.Start Q&A:


Every Top SEM Company in Toronto follows this technique for generating involvement of viewers who are present across varied social networks. Best SEO Company Toronto is in a habit of organizing weekly Q&A to invite answers for questions about products, business, hobbies etc.

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