7 Points for Creating Inspiring Music Logos

An audiophile is someone who loves everything about music. Even a music logo doesn’t go unnoticed when it appears in front of audiophiles. Rolling Stone, The Beatles, ACDC, Queen, and Pink Floyd, every band isn’t just known for its great music but the best music logo design.

But what does make a logo hit? A smart concept and desire to become as good as the music, but retaining originality is also required.

7 Points for Creating Inspiring Music Logos

So, next time an online music maker drops by your agency, here is what you need to do as a designer. We bring you a list of 7 pointers to create inspiring music logos.

1. Keep it minimal and simple

The first music logo design inspiration starts with simplicity. Minimalism isn’t only the fundamentals of the design process, but it also makes sure your logo stays timeless. Take for an example Beatle’s logo. It has a classic monochrome tone and a recognizable typography style.

There are many designers, who want to use an array of shades, designs, decorations, and other elements. But, they need to be very careful. Keeping a logo minimal and simple would add to its effectiveness.

2. Use wise color combinations

Colors have unique and significant meanings. As they evoke emotions, designers are suggested to use every shade wisely. If nothing comes into your mind, go for neutral shades. However, you don’t want to use neutral but bold colors, make sure it’s doesn’t look too harsh or depict your brand’s message wrongly. Choosing colors wisely also saves your printing cost. Be subtle when you use any color.

3. be versatile, be unique

Every logo comprises of two parts— the complete logo and the icon. Nike has both a wordmark and a swoosh icon. It’s widely recognizable without the wordmark that swoosh is for Nike. Rolling Stones’ lips and tongue icon is yet another example of versatility.

When you create a music logo design, keep versatility in mind. Create a symbol or an image which you can use as a whole or in pieces to reflect the brand message.

4. Choose right typography

As we said earlier, a logo either is made of just the typography or symbol or a mix of both. Hence, be mindful when you choose any particular font type. For a classic feel, choose the timeless serif typography or opt for sans-serif for cleaner rounded edges. Metallica’s logo is an apt example of sans serif font.

It’s clean, readable and of course dramatic!

5. Create custom fonts

One pointer above, we discussed that typography has a significant role to play in music logo design. It is because when you decide to change the colors or modify the design, later on, having a custom font can help you keep everything consistent.

Most companies love to have custom fonts. It becomes of utmost importance when the customer base grows. It doesn’t matter you need to buy a custom font. You can change a few letters to do the magic. It will give you a free hand in trying out any shade or design until you find suitability.

6. Consider the genre

Be it an online music maker or offline, knowing its genre is significant. For example, you have to create a music logo for a classical music band. It won’t make sense to craft a logo with different colors, glitters, or neon shades. It won’t match the genre, would it?

Make sure the logo matches the music type.

7. Take help from audiophiles

Music is soulless without its fans. So, it would be a great idea to seek their opinion when you design a music logo.
Ask their suggestions and have the fans choose between two designs. Or, you can drop some hints regarding your logo on your social media handles.


Making a music logo design and writing a song are two different things. Also, you may not get it right at the beginning. Conceptualize it, mine it, test it, and then decide whether it goes with your ideas well.
So, follow the above tips to come up with a memorable music logo.

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