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SEO is one of the major factors that affect website ranking and brand recognition on the internet. With increasing businesses, the competition in online marketing is also getting harder. To provide good space for your online business, you have to enhance your SEO skills. Today, search engines are working to provide better experiences to their visitors. The ranking of a website depends on various aspects. SEO is one of the aspects that can help your website to rank better on search engines. Performing SEO is not enough if you are not able to mark it correctly. Certain SEO techniques are available to improve website ranking. But there are no best or worst SEO techniques. Every technique has its different work and value on website ranking. To improve the website ranking, you need to work on various SEO techniques. For measuring results, you need a good reporting tool. SEO reporting tools tell a lot about your website. These tools help to manage all your real-time data and offer better analytics. 

Factors to check for SEO reporting tools

There are numerous SEO reporting tools; some of the tools are free whereas some of them are paid. With free SEO reporting tools, you get the basic reports about your website. To get deep information, you can go for the paid tools. These reporting tools include different data and features. You should get the tools that provide essential data.

Accurate regional data

To perform SEO, you need accurate regional data. When you are looking for an SEO reporting tool, check for the software that is providing accurate and current data for the targeted region. This is very crucial if you are performing local SEO.

Integration with third-party tools

You should get a tool that can provide all the necessary data in one place. Find a tool that provides interaction with third-party tools like Google My Business, etc. It will allow you to find more data at once. 

Better scalability

Some tools (mostly free) provide you with poor scalability. You can only add one project (one website) to it. If you are working on various projects, you should get a reporting tool with better scalability. 

Better features

Your SEO tool must provide reports on various things such as backlink monitoring, analytics, position tracking, competitor data, etc. Some of the reporting tools also provide data on social media and email marketing. 

You can also look for other factors such as regular updates, customized reports, client integration, support resources, easy-to-export reports, automation, and user-friendliness. 

Top 5 SEO reporting tools list

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is one of the essential SEO reporting tools. It has a powerful dashboard that provides various data. This tool is good for all business sizes. SE ranking tool is highly customized and you can create reports depending on your needs. Just a few clicks and your report is ready. It provides drag and drop modules. In SE ranking, you can opt for auto-generated and scheduled reports to your email. SE Ranking has top features like website audit, ranking tracker, backlink checking, etc. The price of SEO Ranking tools depends on the features you are using. It also has a 14-day free trial plan. 

Google Analytics

This is one of the crucial and most basic SEO reporting tools. If you are new to SEO, this tool can become a good help. While other tools are paid, Google is offering this analytics tool for free. It provides various reporting features such as audience reporting, real-time activity monitoring, behaviors, acquisition, etc. If you are working on your first website, start understanding SEO and web page analytics with Google Analytics.  



SEMrush is a powerful reporting tool and is best known for its advanced features. It is a paid tool and provides all types of essential tools. Using this tool, you can work on keyword research, campaign management, content marketing metrics, SMM, etc. You can also use SEMrush for free but it has limitations. In the free SEMrush version, you can also add one project and make only 10 queries a day.


This is an all-in-one SEO reporting tool. Moz offers a few services for free. But to use all the advanced features of Moz, you have to purchase its paid plan. Various Moz plans are available such as Standard, Medium, Large, and Premium. You can purchase the Moz plan depending on your work. 


It is a popular SEO reporting tool that provides advanced functions like finding duplicate content on your website. Using Siteliner, you can find ranking, broken links, redirection, etc. With Siteliner, you can access a robust XML sitemap and inspect all the issues easily. 

Some other SEO reporting tools are Rival IQ, Google Search Central, Growthbar, Aherfs, Nightwatch, KWFinder, etc.

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