Link Building: Top 10 Link Building Strategies to Improve Rankings

Link Building denotes the process of getting external pages to link to a page on your website. Link Building is one of the vital process used in SEO. It is a tough and time consuming process because it has no specific formula. The expert needs to depend on his experience and knowledge to build links in different external pages. A link from a popular and established website will make a greater impact on a SERP, than a link from a newly built or less popular website. Successful link buildings enable a website to increase traffic to a large extent, but the expert on link building needs to work very strategically.

10 link building strategies of 2016


Here are top 10 link building strategies to improve rankings in the search engine:

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1. Create an impactful content – You need to create a good content. The success of a website depends largely on its content. Write something people will like to read and related to your business or website.

Create an impactful content


2. Syndicate your contents – Syndicating your contents to popular blogs and web portals like Yahoo is a good way of creating links back to your site. However, you need to be cautious that you shouldn’t have same content on your site too, otherwise, you may be labelled as a content copycat and may also be got punished by search engines at any time.

Syndicate your contents

3. Relevance of the sites carrying links – Quality of the sites that are carrying links to your site is also significant. These sites should have some sort of business interests as that of your site, otherwise there remains a possibility of getting poor marking from Google.

Relevance of the sites carrying links


4. Writing thoughtful comments – Write statements for most of the services and software that you use. These may get published with a link back to your own site. But, the comments you made must be genuine and precise in order to be useful for the website owner.

Writing thoughtful comments

5. Register to a job listing website – While registering for job listing to another website always keep a link that directs back to your website.

Register to a job listing website


6. Press Release – It is always a good idea to distribute press releases with a link to your website or blog. Many blog owners and news sites may value your release by republishing it just as you released with the link.

Press Release

7. Request for a link – If somehow you are getting or managing for media coverage, ask the journalist for adding a link of your site with the coverage. This sometimes works wonderfully.

Request for a link


8. Develop social networking habit – Becoming a regular visitor of popular social networks and positing your popular blogs will help you to be better accepted in other sites too. This will build your followers; thus, links will work wonderfully.

Develop social networking habit


9. Get habituated with quality link building – Get habituated on different popular quality link building techniques to evade future unusual links notices in Google Webmaster tools which may be followed by penalties.

Get habituated with quality link building


10. Follow what your competitors are doing – You can also closely follow what your close competitors are doing in this field. If those tactics are legitimate and useful, you can adopt them too.

Follow what your competitors are doing


11. Bonus tip: Get Organized – Use a SEO management tool like Linkio to keep all of your strategies organized and moving forward.


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