How to Measure Instagram Hashtag Performance

Instagram which is a favourite app and is used by millions of people all around the world and has become a social media sensation. In the modern age where social media networking is at peak, Instagram comes out as one of the best social media platforms on the internet. Though in its starting year Instagram struggled a lot and could not find its pace. But now after seven years, the app has become one of the most downloaded apps in the world, and around 600 million active users are using Instagram now.

How to Measure Instagram Hashtag Performance

Instagram does not just let you share pictures with your friends or family, but it is now more than that. As the social media marketing is taking a high speed and a social media network is highly appreciated if it offers you an excellent platform to market your business or brands, Instagram is among the top social media marketing apps. Many big brands and businesses are using Instagram for their social media marketing, and they are having a lot of success with it.

To make sure of good marketing on Instagram, many things should be kept in mind. There should be a proper strategy, and you must take care of all little things. Hashtags are also crucial when it comes to Instagram market, and you need to keep a check on your hashtags as well. Because hashtags let your posts reach out to more and more people, resulting in more Instagram likes and followers. Here below is how you can measure your Instagram hashtags performance using some of Instagram’s tools.

1. Use Sprout Social:

Sprout Social is one of the best Instagram tools that are available out there and it helps you to find out and discover your analytics very nicely. The app is very well known, and it gives robust reporting for your Instagram business account. The analysis that Sprout Social does of your Instagram account includes an excellent analysis of your Instagram hashtags. It will tell all about your hashtags usage like which one was used most by your account and which particular hashtag brought the most audience to you. The report that Sprout Social gives you helps you in many ways, and it lets you experiment with more new hashtags as it will show you all their performances.

2. Keyhole:

Among many excellent and different tools available out there for Instagram, there are many which can be used on social networking site. Keyhole is a tool developed for marketers, agencies, and executives to help analyse the social media analytics. The main feature and specialisation of Keyhole are that it is great at analysing keywords and hashtags on Twitter and as well as Instagram. It also tells you hashtag statistics for branded campaign as well. The keyhole hashtag performance tracker can measure the number of posts with hashtags, the number of users using the hashtag, reach of the hashtags and as well as impressions.

3. Command Analytics and Stats for Instagram:

Command Analytics and Stats for Instagram is an Instagram marketing tool that is designed especially for Instagram business account users. It is one of the top tools for Instagram marketing users but it is only available for Apple users and not for Android users. If you can get the premium version of Command Analytics and Stats for Instagram, you will be able to get hashtag analytics for your Instagram account. The app has a section of Post Stats which show you that how many times the hashtag was used and it also shows how many likes and comment responds did the particular hashtag got. It tells you the performance of each and every hashtag which later helps you to pick up the best hashtag.

4. Iconosquare:

The tools which are quite famous for Instagram marketers and are used a lot by many Instagram users includes Iconosquare as well. Iconosquare is one of the best Instagram management tools, and it allows you to get all the analytics for your Instagram in detail, schedule posts for your Instagram account, tracking comments and responding to the comments. The hashtags analytics feature is also available in Iconosquare package, and it does an excellent analysis of your hashtags. The tool just not only tells you about the engagement of your hashtags but it also says about the growth or performance of your brand/campaign hashtags.

5. Simply Measured:

Simply Measured is a very useful and effective Instagram tool which is designed especially for Instagram business users. The tool allows you to get details of your Instagram account’s analytics and as well as reporting and listening. You can visit the report section in the app, and then you can analyse your hashtags there. It lets you analyse hashtags individually so you can compare them later. When you go to your hashtags report, it will show you three things about it which will include charts, appendix, and scorecard. The data on Simply measured is very well presented and helps you arrange and compare hashtags as well.

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