Technical SEO Audit – Key Elements You Must Take Care

Site owner constantly looks for removing certain issues in order to enhance the ranking of the website. Many techniques are as similar to the technical SEO experts which we use in our daily lives but don’t know exactly about it. No website is perfect and it might contain dozens of issues which might occur but usually one is unaware of it. According to the recent research in 2017, approx 65% of the sites had duplicate content and approx 80% had certain broken lines.

Technical SEO Audit- Key Elements You Must Take Care

Being a site owner, you would obviously wish that your sites are free from major errors and issues and drive maximum traffic to the site. Before you skip the chance of website ranking, look at the key elements which should be considered in order to avoid certain errors. These elements would surely maximise the site optimisation.

7 elements technical SEO audit one should know

1. Use a crawl report for identifying crawl errors

Crawl report is actually the site audit which the site owners should run in order to identify certain issues. This would provide enough insight into the errors of the site. Most of the technical SEO issues are revealed which one can suitably change further. Details regarding the duplicate content, missing tags, low page speed are specifically shown. You can go through the task on monthly basis to keep the sites free from errors and even optimized as well.

2. Don’t forget about HTTPS status codes

Are you still having the URLs of HTTP? If yes, then this is the reason why the search engines and most of the users fail to access your site. Switching to the HTTPS is quite mandatory for better traffic and increased ranking. It is even considered as the strong factor in case of website ranking. Apart from this, it is equally important to go through the errors relating to the status code of HTTPS. In case any error occurs, it is important to fix it within the time.

3. Is your site mobile friendly?

It is not hidden that vast numbers of users in the modern days operate through mobile phones. In order to improve the search engine ranking as well as the technical SEO, it is important to keep your site mobile friendly. This SEO element can easily be checked through certain tests where you get enough insight about your site status. In order to make it more mobile friendly, just increase the size of the font, compress images and so on.

4. Check out the site loading speed

This is another most crucial and important element of the technical SEO audit. There are many sites whose ranking has been deteriorated due to low loading speed. The speed of the site is an essential factor for a better user experience and search engine ranking as well. Certain tools are present that would help you detect the loading speed of your page. If it is slow, make necessary changes thereafter.

5. Check out necessary duplicate metadata

Large websites obviously have hundreds and thousands of web pages. According to the factual report, there are many sites that have either duplicate Meta descriptions or have no metadata at all. Duplicity mainly occurs when in large web pages, same contents are copied into the region of metadata pasting. Now, either the crawl report or the SEO audit report would help you to fix it out.

6. Surely go through the broken links if any

Apart from the content duplicity, the broken links are the most common issues which most of the sites have. Broken links form a bad image in case of Google indexing and end-user experience. It is important to find such links and fix it as soon as possible. Check your crawl report in order to know about it. There are other tools as well which you can prefer.

7. Keyword cannibalization audit

Keyword cannibalization is the major reason which deteriorates the SEO performances of the site. It is important to take it seriously before it causes potential damages to your site. If you are facing the keyword cannibalization as the major technical SEO audit issue, then optimise the home page and the subpage with the same keywords. While using Google Search Console’s Performance report, you can know about different pages which are competing for the same keyword.

While you perform your next SEO audit, check out other elements as well. This might be hassling in some cases but is pretty vital to obtain the particular objective of the site. Your first priority is to enhance your website ranking and increase the traffic drive. However, this is only possible if you carry out viable research and prepare a report for it. Consultations from Melbourne’s best SEO Company would also be a better option. Whatever the steps be, optimise your site’s visibility by removing different issues.

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