Tips for Using Product Images on e-Commerce Sites

It has been statistically proven that good quality pictures boot up e-commerce sites. If the statistics are not convincing enough, think about it yourself would you buy a product, just by looking at the description or you will but something when you look at it. A thousand words cannot explain, what one single picture can. Most of the time when we ask the users, they say that they do not even bother to read the description. They will just scroll through the whole collection, and if they find something convincing enough, then they will read the description.

Tips for using product images on e-commerce Sites


Here are some tips for getting the best quality pictures for your e-commerce site.

1. Use high-quality images

This is far most the most important thing to consider while uploading a picture on your site. Nothing ruins the image of the whole product line than a pixelated image. The image should be able to show all the minor details of the product. In this age, it is not even difficult to get good quality images, just the right lighting and good quality cameras are required to take your site to one of the best-rated ones. Usually, if people have limited budget, they get the low-quality camera as they think the digital cameras might cost them a fortune. Now you can get the digital camera on a budget too, you just have to stroll through the markets to get the required product.

2. Show all the angles

When a person is trying to buy something, they are putting their money in for something that is just present on the screen. What I mean here is that they are not seeing the product on real life so it is hard to make the decision. You should take the pictures from all the angles. Also, write the size of the product and necessary in the details.

3. Post the picture in every color

We all do online shopping, and one of the worst experience is that when you want something in different color, but instead of posting the images of every product, they just write in the description “also available in blue, red, green colors”. No one can just buy something without looking at the product, it might be looking good when we imagine it in a different color, but who knows, it might not turn out to be exactly what we imagined.  

4. Let them zoom in

Use the zoom tools, they let people look at the minor detail. All the major e-commerce sites like Amazon, eBay, use this tool. It helps in looking at the texture of the product. Sometimes the minor details are unclear, when you give it a first look, zooming in is required.   

5. Make your product look different

Remember one thing, you can only be successful if your product stands out. Learn how to make ordinary things look extraordinary. Usually, all the sites have almost the same product. What makes the product look different is the background, lightning, the model who is wearing it etc.

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