How to Start a Blog and Make Money in 2018

Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online. In the past decade, people have shifted their attention towards the internet for making money. Every day more and more people are attending workshops and seminars to make themselves better at the electronic businesses. There are several ways to earn, but blogging is more adapted by the people who are choosing it to be a part-time job. It is more feasible as per you do not need any certain experience and you can make so much out of it. It’s like maintaining your dairy. Post whatever interests you can you can make money by just putting your thoughts out there.

How to Start a Blog and Make Money in 2018

If you are thinking to start a blog, these suggestions given below will help you out.

Choose Your Niche

First of all, sit and think that what is one thing you are good at? Choosing the right niche is extremely vital. It should be the one that interests you because you are going to be posting about it for a long time. It should be of versatile nature. Means that you choose a topic that interests you, but after a week you run out of ideas and there is no more thing to post. Topics of the wider range are better for example if you run a cooking recipe blog, you will never run out of recipes, you can keep going on and on and on.

When you pick a topic also check the public interest in it. You might be putting enjoyable content out there, but it will be of no use when the public has no interest in reading it?

Choosing Blog Name

A good blog name helps in making your work stand out from the rest. Most people prefer using their name. It works fine as the content inside is what ‘really’ matters. If you have a personal blog then using your name is recommended otherwise the name should be similar to the work you are doing. Let’s take the food recipe blog example again, suppose you are posting amazing recipes every day, but it is not getting much attention as people keep ignoring it because of the name of the blog that is not related to it.

Search Engine Optimization

You are doing everything right, but your blog is still not getting any recognition? This is because you are not optimizing your blog for search engines. Here is an infographic on what is SEO. SEO is all about making your site to the top so that it is visible to the people and it can get more visits. There are several techniques through which you can make your site go to the top. Some people use paid techniques, but they do help in attaining permanent status, the most effective approach is that make your site more readable. The right use of the keyword, authentic information, better customer service will help in attaining the top position.

Blog designing

Blog designing matters “A LOT.” Never ignore it. I have experienced it so many times that the blog content was not good enough, but the blog was still successful because of its amazing outlook. The more use of pictures, the better it is. If you are narrating something through steps, try to illustrate it through pictures. Make your blog as colorful as possible. Do not add much-written content as it makes the reader dizzy. Spread out your information. Use clear and appealing font. Having a good sense of humor is always appealing. Even if you are writing something serious a little joke here and there never hurts anyone rather it will increase a person’s interest. Always check your spelling and grammatical mistakes.

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