5 Helpful Tips to Transfer Calls More Efficiently

Making a successful sale depends on two things; one is that how good your product is and the second is your first impression you have cast on them. Remember, a business flourishes when your customer is happy with you and tells other’s as well, which works as a publicity cycle. If your customer is calling, the right treatment is mandatory as well.

If you are working as an employee in customer care center, you should know all the right words to make your customers content. Sometimes, if you are not able to solve their problem, you might have to transfer their call to the other employee or department. Now, there are some tactics that you can use and make the call transfer more effective.

5 Helpful Tips to Transfer Calls More Efficiently

The following tips are going to help you a lot for this purpose.


  • Ask callers permission


Before transferring the call always ask for the user’s permission. This will make them realize that their opinion is important to you. No matter what you are doing, always make the caller feel that they are your priority and their convenience is your convenience. This question will also give the caller the idea that you are disconnecting and before you go they will ask any other query. Disconnecting without telling the caller can also confuse the ones who are calling for the first time. They might assume that call is disconnected and they must do it again from start to connect with you again.

Use the IVR system which tells them to stay connected while you are transferring the call. It will show that some process is happening and they will be able to connect again.


  • Tell the reason for transferring


Never assume by yourself that caller will understand all the points without you guiding them. Whatever steps you are taking to solve their problems, keep them updated. Before asking for their permission, explain to them why you must transfer their call to another department. Sometimes, there are situations where you should transfer the calls because of some technical issues, or you do not deal with the problems told by the customer. No matter what the problem seems to be, tell briefly about it to the caller as well.


  • Make sure transferring call will help


If you are transferring the call, first make sure the next person has the solution. If you transfer the call and even the second employee does not have any solution, this will cause some acute damage to the company’s reputation. Most of the times, customers are in hurry and do not have time to waste around. Making them wait and providing the same solution repeatedly, can lead them towards anxiety and anger. In future, they might be reluctant to call.


  • Give info about the next department


Giving the caller a little intro about the department you are transferring them to, is a nice gesture. It will give customer confidence to explain their problem again. Give caller the impression that the people from next department are more qualified and experienced in solving such kind of the issues.


  • Set time for every call


Adapt the professional behavior for dealing with callers. Set the time limit for every call. Divide your time among all the customers. If you are stuck with a talkative person, do not hang up the call abruptly. Try to listen to the caller’s stories, as it improves the communication and builds the customers trust. But if caller is lingering on and taking your time, you must end the call. Before disconnecting make sure that you have resolved all the issues mentioned and he does not have any query left. Disconnect the call by saying something nice.

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