Selecting The Right Kind Of Ecommerce Website Templates For The Right Kind Of Audience

Selecting The Right Kind Of Ecommerce Website Templates For The Right Kind Of Audience
If you’re someone who is new to creating an online store, you need to keep something in your mind—your website design directly affects your profits.

There are may startups that cannot afford to pay for a custom website design. Luckily, a large capital investment is not required to create your own online store today, with online ecommerce softwares like Shopify. But there is something that you’ll be needing when it comes to website design. Creativity.

For starters, the best recommended method is to use an online shopping cart software solution. By doing so your business can create a beautiful and professional looking website, that does not take a hit on your budget as well as your brand.

Shopify has a lot of pre made ecommerce website templates, that are free as well as affordably priced. Using Shopify can help you design your website more affordably, which is perfect for businesses that are running on a tight budget. There is however one thing that you need to keep in mind before choosing a template—They were not specifically designed for your website. But there are a lot of designs that can suit your website, and before that you need to know about your target audience completely.

Following are some of the factors that you should consider before choosing the best ecommerce website template.


A good design will be of no use if you’re website lacks all basic features. You can do some field work and check other websites to see which are the attractive features that can be used on your website. Adding a lot of features boosts the shopping experience of all audience. There are a lot of features which you can add to your website, some of them include:

Popular Products: This section can attract shopaholics who are looking to cope up with current trends.

New Products: This section can be useful for folks who are waiting for a specific product to be launched on your website.

Include Payment Icons: This can be helpful for people who are only fine with certain payment methods.


An ecommerce website is not about having a funky and flashy cutting edge designs. Apart from attracting new customers, an online website should first be user friendly. Though your ecommerce website is meant for a specific set of target audience, it does not mean that others are not welcome to your website. Your website should attract target audience and be user friendly to others as well.

It’s recommended to stick to a simple design that allows site navigation, shopping workflow and product searches easy. Add some creative touches to the website to add to the uniqueness of your website.

Color Scheme

Color Scheme of your website is something that decides your online identity. It is imperative to choose a color scheme that matches with your brand and business. Your brand logo has a red color prominent in it, it is recommended that you have red color prominent all over your website.

You can also add colors that make your look more elegant. However, you can decide what color would suit best for your website because it directly affects the customer’s perspective of your website.

Compatible With Major Browsers

People use a large number of browsers. There are many people who use old systems that have outdated browsers installed in them that cannon display complex designs and heavy templates. This might caught the browser to crash and the customer might even drop the idea of buying something on your website. If your target audience is the older generation of people, consider using browser friendly templates.

Shopify Ecommerce Website Templates

With Shopify you can find the perfect theme for your online store. You can browse through a wide range of paid and free themes that can provide the right look for your store. Start building your brand by browsing themes based on the industry ranging from electronics, jewelry, sports, clothing & fashion, toys and home appliances.

There are a lot of styles which you can choose from depending upon your business. There are themes for small as well as big inventories.

With hundreds of ecommerce website templates that are available, it is difficult to choose just one that can be perfect. Keeping the above mentioned ideas in mind, finding a theme for your online store can be less tedious. After you’ve selected one theme, do not leave it is. Study how the theme works and how you can make it better.

Choose the right kind of theme for your website with Shopify.

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