How to Rank your Google Places or my Business Page

Over the period of time, generally with the revolution in technology masses have become more aware of how to find better services in return for their hard earned money. Before making a purchase or availing a service they always do an online research on the best service provider. Thanx to Google map which has taken it to new heights of advancement. For example, if you are looking for a physician on Google map, it will show a list of the physician on your computer screen known as Google places. People now can make a choice for themselves out of this list. But, the question is that how to get on Google maps. Well, in order to locate your business on Google map, first you have to register your business on the Google business listing. One thing that worth to pay attention at this vary point of time is that there is no benefit of listing your business on the Google unless it is not able to appear on the first page of search result.

Way through which you can Rank your Google Places


  1. Healthy Reviews

 how to get on google maps first page

Have a look at the reviews of both top listed and bottom listed places on Google map. You will come to know that those businesses which have positive Google reviews are listed on the top of Google map and as we move down the list negative reviews from users starts dominating the positive one. This shows the importance of positive Google reviews. If you also desire to find your business on the first page of the search result on Google map you can ask people to leave healthy reviews about your business.


2. Authentic Data


google my Business

Invalid information without any authenticity is going to annoy the Google and it will directly slide down your business place on the Google map. Make sure that whatever data you are providing to Google regarding your business is highly authentic. This will help you to secure a high rank on the Google maps for your business.


3. Citation

 how to get on google maps first page

Registering your business on local business directories and citation sites also help you to raise the possibility of the high appearance on the Google map.


4.Online Reputation Management

google my Business

This is the sole criteria which can help you to make a good presence of the business on Google map searches. In online reputation management, attention is given to suppress the negative air about the business and positive part is appreciated.


5. Opt for a Category Wisely

 how to get on google maps first page

While you are registering your business on Google my business, it will ask you to choose a category for the same. Here you have to be very particular, do not commit the blunder of opting a wrong category which does not represent your business website properly. A correct category is going to take your business to a good height.

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