5 Simple Tips for Marketing on Instagram

Instagram is the name that comes to mind without a second thought when you talk about your business marketing. Instagram has a monthly active user base of more than 800 million users. With such a huge user base it has a very strong potential to market your business and to reach your potential customers that exist at every corner of the world.

5 Simple Tips for Marketing on Instagram

Instagram is all about the visual content. The marketing done through Instagram is all through the visual content you have got for your business. Instagram let you tell your followers the visual story of your brand/business. You only need to learn how you can use this visual space for marketing of your business. So, I am going to share some very useful yet simple ways that you can follow to make your marketing effective on Instagram.


  • Business profiles

The most important thing when doing business on Instagram is to make a business account that let you enjoy many features that are not available with a simple personal account. With a business profile, you have access to all the analytics of your business profile. They call it Instagram Insights that tell you everything about how your business is doing on Instagram, what is your engagement rate with your followers, tell you everything about your followers and how they are engaging with your business, etc. These types of information are very important to make all your marketing efforts more effective. So, make sure to create a business account if you intend to do business on Instagram and you have added Instagram in your marketing plan.


  • Creativity is everything

Instagram is such a place where there is a lot of ways to be creative with your content. Creativity attracts many eyes. And on Instagram the more you can attract people the more your marketing efforts will pay you off.

Make your marketing campaigns more creative so that it can attract the attention of your target audience. And try to make your marketing content more engaging, more entertaining and less like an advertisement.


  • Cross promotions

Then comes the easy yet most effective way of marketing, which is cross-promoting your brand on all social media websites. Many people move away from certain social media platforms, and some aren’t as active on some as they are on other networks. So the trick is to post on all other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and invite them to follow your brand on Instagram too. This will also help you gain followers on Instagram fast. The people who are following you on other platforms will love to follow you on Instagram too to know what else you’ve got for them. The basic point here is to market everywhere to reach your target audience everywhere.


  • Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags are very helpful for marketing in every way. Hashtags are being used in all other social media platforms but work so well on Instagram. It makes your content discoverable to your target audience at large and makes your content more engaging. Make your hashtag game strong by creating hashtags for your marketing campaigns that are relevant, creative, engaging, interactive, interesting, easy to remember and actionable. These hashtags let you engage with your audience as well as make help your business reach its target audience. Hashtags are the best-proven tool for marketing, so make as much use of them as you can.


  • Engage, engage and engage

Engagement is very important when doing marketing for your business on Instagram. Try to make your content interactive enough to generate engagement. Add interactive hashtags in captions that your followers can also use in their posts, so you can have a lot of repost material in your hand to show off your loyal customers.

You can also engage by interacting with your followers. If they take out a second to appreciate your post take out 2 seconds to thank them and engage with them in a healthy way. This engagement is important because it can place your content at the top of the search feeds of your targeted audience. Moreover, to market your business, you can also engage your followers by asking them to tag their friends on your post to attract and reach your audience.


There are numbers of ways you can do marketing on Instagram, but I have shared some of the most effective and tried tips that will not only help you gain followers on Instagram fast but will also market your business to reach its targeted audience. The key to everything on Instagram is that make sure whatever you post on Instagram whether it’s a photo or videos, it should be of finest quality and it should be relevant to your business, as irrelevancy and bad quality can always turn off a potential customer.

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