Best Tips To Improve SEO For ECommerce

Everyone wants good traffic for their eCommerce website. More visitors means better sales. Today many local shops and businesses are using eCommerce sites. This platform helps a lot to get more customers. But creating space for your site on the internet is not easy. There are hundreds of other sites that are selling similar products like yours. To improve your sales, you need to make your website more visible on the internet. SEO is the most common way to improve the ranking and organic traffic on the website.

SEO For ECommerce

Top 5 tips to improve SEO for your eCommerce website

Your website must be well-designed and user-friendly

If you have an eCommerce site, put some effort into the design. People will only believe in your business if the site looks good and is trustworthy. Certain fake and phishing eCommerce available on the internet. For a buyer, trusting a new eCommerce site is not easy. You should create a well-designed site that can help the buyer to trust your business. Another crucial factor is user-friendliness. In an eCommerce website, ensure that the visitor can easily navigate and look around the website. Add internal links that can help the shopper to find what he needs. It helps in engaging the customer of the website. More engagement on websites means a better experience. It helps the site to rank in better positions. To enhance the user experience, focus on loading time, ensure the site is mobile-friendly, easy navigation, easy and secure billing, etc. 

Add good keywords

To perform good SEO for eCommerce, start with good keywords. While searching keywords, don’t put all your focus on popular keywords. The trends and priorities of the audience change with time. Think about your customers and what they actually want. Look for the keywords or key phrases that the buyer searches on the search engine. You can search for keywords such as “How to” for informational content. For the commercial, look for the keywords like “best buy jeans” etc. You can use Google Keyword planner or Google Trends for finding the best keywords for your eCommerce website. 

Optimize product pages on your website

Your On-Page SEO can be very helpful in improving the ranking of your eCommerce website. You should make some effort while creating pages for your products. While writing a product description, search for what should be the main element. Work on increasing the visibility of the page. Add product-related information that can increase the effectiveness. Include good keywords, add CTAs, and don’t forget about testimonials. Always choose good images for your page. For eCommerce, images are quite important. People can’t check the product manually but images can help to get a good idea about the product. Choose images with accurate size and color. Always add good alt tags and use correct keywords in file names. For improving trustworthiness and authenticity, add reviews. 

Add long-tail keywords 

When you search for the keywords, short keywords always have more volume. While adding keywords, people often forget to add long-tail keywords as they have less volume. But long-tail keywords are very crucial for your website. They are usually the word strings that a buyer actually searches on the internet. The volume is less but these keywords can provide good traffic to your site. For example, short keywords like “tank top” have more searches. But “yellow tank top for summer” provides precise detail about the product. Always try to add good long-tail keywords to get good traffic. These keywords help in finding competitive niches, provide a good ranking, and have better conversion rates. 

Use simple URL structure and schema

A simple URL structure helps in enhancing the UX of the website. When you create a simple URL, it helps the SEO. On simple websites, people and search engines can easily find relevant information. Page sharing on social media or other platforms also becomes very easy. Always create URLs that are easy to understand. Adding a keyword on the URL tells search engines about the content on the page. Try using schema markup to improve SEO. Schema markup helps in producing rich snippets. Search engines use these snippets to show more data on search results. For your eCommerce site, you can add product schema, review schema, video schema, price schema, etc.

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