The Ultimate List of Free SEO Keyword Research Tools

The keyword is a word or a string of words that describe the content on the page. In other words, it is a search term that you want to rank on your page. Whenever a person searches that keyword on the search engine, all the pages with that keyword appear on the SERP. If your page on that keyword is ranking on top, you will get good organic traffic. Good keywords are crucial for ranking your page. The keyword is one of the factors that the search engine inspects for ranking the page. You need good keywords that can help in improving the ranking of your page. If you use the wrong keyword, your page may not rank in a better spot even if the content is good. Use a keyword that can clearly tell about the content on your page. If you can’t find your keywords on your own, you need a keyword research tool. Many keyword research tools can help you find the correct keywords for your content. Some of them are paid whereas some provide good keyword research for free.

 Free SEO Keyword Research Tools List 

Google Keyword Planner

If you are new to SEO, one of the tools you may have heard about is Google Keyword Planner. As a new digital marketer, you need to work on many things. If you are searching for a good and free SEO Keyword research tool then this is the best tool for you. This tool is very simple to use, you can easily find quality keywords for your pages. Along with the website, you can also find keywords for advertising campaigns. You can find a list of keywords and check the traffic, competitive, and various alternative keywords that can also be very helpful for marketing. You can find accurate data in real-time as this tool is provided by Google. 

Google Trends

Another useful tool by Google for keyword research is Google Trends. With this tool, you can check topics that are trending in different parts of the world. Use Trends to find recently trending topics related to your digital space. This tool provides all the real-time data from Google. You can search images, Shopping, and YouTube also. With Google Trends, you can find mentions of a certain keyword on particular types of sites.


Ubersuggest is one of the keyword research tools that provide both free and paid services. Using this tool, you can find the search volume for a particular keyword and with the keyword ideas. You can find out which keywords are good for your content. It also shows trends, CPC, paid difficulty, and SEO difficulty. With all this data, you can find which keywords you need on your content. Along with the keyword ideas, you can find the top-ranking pages on that keyword. You can check the content, the number of links, DS, and social share of those pages. It allows you to create new strategies for ranking your page for that particular keyword. You can find all this information on its freeware. To get more data, you can purchase its paid plans that offer various SEO tools.


SEMrush is one of the most powerful SEO tools. This tool is used by beginners as well as pro digital marketers. SEMrush is a complete suite that can help in analyzing the whole SEO of your site. From keyword research to content strategy, you can use SEMrush for everything. This SEO tool also has several integrations with Google that provide good site diagnosis. You can find a detailed analysis of your keywords such as ranking difficulty, live data, and CPC. You can use this tool freely for only 10 requests a day. With a free tool, you can only create a dashboard for one website. If you want to add multiple websites or have to make lots of requests then you can purchase its paid plans. In case, you are using it for one website and need to make fewer requests then you can use the SEMrush free tool.

AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator 

This special tool is designed to find good variations of your keyword. Using Adword & SEO keyword permutation generator, you can create a different list of keywords and it will generate the keyword combinations that can give you a wide range of keywords. This is a very simple tool and allows you to create permutations for lots of keywords at once. 

Some other free keyword generator tools for SEO are Wordtracker scout, keyword tool, answer the public, Serpstat, SpyFu, etc.

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