YouTube SEO: How to Rank Your Videos on Top?

Today YouTube is providing a powerful platform for marketing and is also considered one of the largest search engines. A successful YouTube earns a lot! More views on your content mean more earnings. People prefer YouTube videos over other blogs as they don’t have to read and they can easily follow the steps. If you are thinking of making YouTube a platform for your business or promotion, you need some help. You can only get good views and watch time if your website is ranking at the top. For better video ranking on YouTube, take some help with SEO. Good YouTube SEO will provide you with lots of benefits such as more views, increased watch time, more sales, better promotion, and brand awareness. 

YouTube SEO

Remember, YouTube is similar to other search engines; they all focus on providing the best experience to their visitors. If you are making videos that can satisfy the viewers, your video will rank on the top results. But only making a video won’t help without optimizing it. 

Best YouTube SEO tips to rank your videos on top

Select the keywords wisely

While sharing the video on YouTube, you must select good keywords. Search engines like YouTube are getting better and smarter. You can see lots of new products and competitions for the same category. Every YouTuber wants to rank his video on the top. You need something that can help to win this race for the top rank. Always do better keyword research and choose keywords that can provide you with better views and are not difficult to rank. You can use keyword research tools like Moz, Semrush, Google Keyword Planner, etc.

Add a keyword on the title of your video

You have to think like an audience. If you want to search for a video, what will you write on the search bar? No one writes the whole sentence on the search bar. Find keywords that can be used by most of the audience. For example, if you are a travel vlogger, add keywords like “top 10 places”, “best tourist spots”, etc on the title of your video. Whenever someone searches these keywords, your video will appear on the result page. If it is a review blog, add the product name to the title. You don’t have to write a complex name. Create a simple title that is easy to search for and understand. 

Add keywords in the video file and optimize the description 


YouTube can also take the video name as a ranking factor. If the file name of your video includes the keyword, your video may rank on top search results. Always check the file name before uploading the video. Make a relevant file, add a keyword and then upload the video on YouTube. You also have to take care of the video description. Sometimes YouTubes edit the description like thumbnails, subtitles, etc after uploading the video. Editing the description after uploading the video may affect the views negatively. So, you should write a good description initially that can maintain your YouTube ranking.

Add good video hashtags and select the correct video category

If you use any social media, you must be aware of the power of hashtags. To get good views, find and add hashtags on the description and title of the video. While adding the hashtags, search for the most trending hashtags. Trending hashtags will help in getting a better number of views. Many people also search videos by category. While uploading your video, you must check the category section. If you select a category, you can get good organic traffic on your video. On YouTube, you can find different categories like Music, Sports, Travel, Comedy, etc. Select the correct category for your video and then upload it on YouTube. 

Add good subtitles and customize the thumbnail image

Video subtitles are used to communicate with people who can’t understand the language on the video. To get more views, adding subtitles can be a very helpful tip. Along with subtitles, you can also add closed captions for the viewers who can’t hear the audio. While uploading the video, check the thumbnail image. When a person checks the result page, he can only see the thumbnail. Add a thumbnail that can gain the attention of the viewers. A good thumbnail means better views on your YouTube video. 

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