Top Best Website Design Trends in 2021

Here’s Best Website Design Trends in 2021

Websites have become one of the crucial identities for every business. Whether you have a clothing store or a hotel; you need a good website. Most people love to research before making a purchase. Say you have a hotel, people will only make the reservation if they will find a good website that can tell everything about the hotel. Like the business, you also require a good website. Your website helps a lot to flourish your business. You need a good website design that can show a valuable side of your business. 

Bold Typography

Bold typography design looks simple but can create a beautiful website. In the last decade, people barely used bold typography as there were various other attractive designs for the website, But now it’s back into the trend.

New web designers are taking ideas of typography to create attractive websites. In this website design, most of the images are removed. The site looks simple with bold typography. The designer often adds potential headlines which can provide a positive response to the website. 

More into retro 

Like back to basics, people are loving the retro style. From the clothing to website designs; retro always looks attractive. The 90’s themed web designs look attractive. Designers are taking inspiration from the old days when the internet was new. The bright colors with simple layouts. But while implementing retro styling on the website; you have to be very careful.

The wrong choice of colors and figures can make the website hilarious. While designing the website; always review the design with your team so as to prevent any rework. In the 90’s most of the designs had lots of extra things which you may not require these days. Use the retro layout but make a website that is light and contains only necessary entities. In retro styling, you can add creativity to make the website more unique.


Storytelling has become the best website design where you can leverage the digital interface and convey the behind story. This design works excellent in holding the audience. More engagement; better the response. The visuals help in captivating the audience and they like to check the content on your website.

On the website, the content is arranged in narrative visualization. The sequence of the content is organized to provide a specific message to the visitor. This design is best for blogging as it helps the user to find more data on a specific topic. With this design, you can get good views on your website.

Horizontal Scrolling

Vertical scrolling is very familiar and is used on lots of websites. For a change, you can go for a horizontal scroll. Surprisingly, horizontal scrolling sites look way better if executed correctly.

The good interaction of images and texts makes this the best website design 2021. You can use the horizontal scrolling design for catalogs, portfolios, maps, etc. Sideways navigation is easy and helpful while visiting the galleries, projects, etc. But the website must be designed correctly to look more appealing and memorable. The scrolling creates the motion on the site and helps the visitor to get more information. But never fill the whole page with content. No one opens a website to read a full page. Instead, add related images and less content where the user can get information without getting bored.

Typography Animation

Typography animation or kinetic typography design is becoming more popular and gaining good attention. Earlier, designers used animation for storytelling but now typography has created a new styling. Instead of photos, the moving text easily captures the attention. A good tone and segments easily run through the pages.

Typography animation is also good for creating a responsive website design. These websites easily manage the size and font to look perfect on every screen size. Typography animation offers a simple and positive flow to the website. 

Contrast Colors

Contrast color design is not common but gained good attention in 2021. The colors on the website play an important role to get the focus. Good color choice can help in drawing the correct emotions.

You can go for a contrast color theme for brochure design. But the designer has to select the correct color contract otherwise the website may look strange and complex. Too many bright colors can create uneasiness in the eyes. Use the colors which look good and make the website more attractive.

Off the grid

Grid is a crucial tool while designing a website as it provides a good structure and shape to the website. But what about creating the website off the grid? It will surely make the website stand out and memorable. However, creating an off-the-grid website needs lots of patience and creativity.

Just adding elements off the grid will make the website lousy. You have to make a different strategy for the layout. The user must have a vision of the material design before actual implementation. Once you get a good theme on your mind; start creating your craziest layout for the website. Your off-the-grid website will look unique and can allure your visitors. 

Imagery multilayering

Today people are preferring clean and simple websites. However, imagery websites controversially look good. Lots of designers don’t like this approach as it’s very time-consuming and requires excellent knowledge. For imagery multilayering, graphic designers require extra efforts to select the images for the website.

You need lots of photos for the site. The wrong selection of a single photo on the site can ruin the whole design. Multilayering websites are challenging but into the trend these days. Like the photo gallery, you can add lots of elements to the website so it can look like storytelling. You have to collect images that not only create the story but also should have the same color theme. Your website will look very attractive if the imagery multilayering is curated correctly.

Nostalgia Recently, website inspiration is running around nostalgia. People love reminiscing about the past. Due to the pandemic, people like the time when everything was good. Adding those things on the website like retro fonts, classic images, pastel colors, soft lighting can create a good nostalgic website. These designs provide comfort and offer a good sense of familiarity.

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