50 Shades of Grey Website Designs with Black and Grey Designs

Here’s 50 Shades of Grey Website Designs

Grey is good, yes! Many people think that grey may look dull. But on a website, grey offers boldness and different kinds of charm. There is a misconception that websites should be colorful and bright to gain attention. But people often use lots of colors that make the website complex and gaudy. If you want a simple and great website; always go for black and grey. Now many people are designing and redesigning their website into grey. These designs allow the express several emotions and inspirations. Now people are more into black and grey to provide creativity and uniqueness on the website. These websites often stand out and get more attention.

There are several website designs that can be created using black and grey. Most of these designs provide a good impression and people love them. The best thing about these designs is that they are never gaudy. Instead of picking lots of colors, go simple. Take a small assessment and then pick the correct shade of grey. Among the 50, you will definitely get the best shade for your website. A beautifully designed website in grey can be the foundation of your successful business. While creating these websites, there are a few common things like using bold typography. This is one of the main tools which allows the user to navigate properly on the web pages. Pro designers often use large black and white images on the website to provide a good point of attraction. All the focused messages would be provided through those images. Many of these websites also have hand-drawn images in grey which helps in occupying the negative space on the website pages. We have collected some best website ideas in black and grey which are known for creating alluring and powerful websites. 

Tokyo Mild Foundation

Tokyo Mild Foundation is one of the top web video promotion teams. The website is grey and looks exclusively beautiful. The grey range on the homepage and tabs shows the uniqueness and makes the website more attractive.

All the photographs are in grey and black. But when you hover your mouse to any particular image; it will appear in colors. The website’s grey theme makes the website different and appealing. 

Env studio

Env studio has a black and white website design which makes the studio pages more stunning. Well, all the pages on the website are not black but many of the pages are designed in black and look way more attractive.

All the elements are defined correctly on the website. It has white text and black photography. All the elements on the website have a definite space. No element is fitted forcefully and looks cluttered. For a photography website, choosing a black and white theme will provide a high-end look.

Take the Walk 

This is a charity website that convinces people to walk a mile. The motto of the website is to walk to prevent AIDS and poverty. Though it’s a charity website it is designed in a beautiful manner. Most of the background of the site is black.

All the accents on the site are displayed in red. Red works way better with black. Most of the website is created using black, red, white, and grey. These colors are providing a fascinating look to the website.


Void is one of the best examples of black and grey websites. This website is beautifully designed with black stunning background. The site focuses on time animations and stunning spaces. It derives all the story with visuals.

Every page on the website is almost black which provides an ominous and wondrous feeling. The dark colors on the site are complemented with music and tone. You can go to the website and enjoy the excellent narration. 

Blake Allen

This is a website of a cinematographer and has an excellent blend of black and grey with other colors. The portfolio on the website is very simple but fascinating. Amature designers think that using lots of colors on a portfolio will look good. Matching the colors on the website is not easy.

If you use one wrong color; the whole website will look gaudy. But on this website, most of the work is done with grey and whitespace. The topology looks better and all the images on the website look stunning. Using a different approach for the website can make it dazzling. The website has very few links and design components. But all the available components on the site make it unique and more inspirational.


This is a mobile application prototyping tool. The theme of the play website is fully black and has minimal sections and few features. On the homepage, the focus point is the large typography and images. You will also see a few other colors like purple, mint, and green on the website but the main focus colors of the website are black and white.

The same theme is followed on the pages with large texts and photographs. All the elements look fascinating and provide a good theme to the website.

Why choose grey for the website?

People don’t realize that grey has a big impact on the website designing industry. You can use grey where you can’t add any bright color. Think adding yellow or pink as the background; the website can look horrible. But grey and black always have a positive response. Websites designed in grey create a great platform especially for businesses like restaurants, hotels, photography, consultancy, etc. 

Choosing the website on grey also supports the design and you can easily convey the message on your website. Grey looks more professional than other colors. There are different shades of grey and you can choose the shade according to your site. You can match other colors with the correct grey shade and create a beautiful website. Having a stunning design for the website makes it stand out and can draw great attention from the visitors. Select any of the grey inspirational designs and create a stunning website for your business. 

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