The Ultimate Guide: Google’s E.A.T and SEO

Here’s Ultimate Guide: Google’s E.A.T and SEO

Google’s E.A.T. or Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness is a set of official recommendations to deliver the best quality experience. E.A.T. totally focused on content quality and content creators. The main goal is to provide the best match result with high quality for the query anyone searches on the internet. The content shows what you are talking about and how trustworthy the website is. Google E.A.T. does the analysis by checking website quality, main content on the page, and the authors’ quality on the main content.


Here expertise refers to enough information on a particular topic. The evaluation is done based on the content. Google ranks the web pages according to the writing on the page. Your expertise, qualification, information matters a lot for a good ranking on the search engine. For example, a teacher can write a better blog on a certain topic instead of a blogger who doesn’t have enough knowledge about the topic. Just reading a few blog posts can help to provide better informational content.

There are several topics like medical, finance, law, etc where you may have to share real-life experiences. However, there are certain topics where you can write the content without any restrictions such as fashion, reviews, recommendations, etc. You can share personal views on these topics. But you can only write a good blog on any content if you have enough knowledge and experience in a certain field. The expertise is considered extremely valuable to provide the best content to the users. 


Authority is about the reputation of the website. The DA of the website is measured by comparing it with various influencers and experts. When a person uses a site for information on a particular subject, it is known as authority. The DA is measured by checking the insight and reputation of the website.

They dig by checking the opinion of experts on the website. All the work is done by inspecting the references, articles, reviews, and all the credible information on the website. All the research is conducted using independent sources. The authority of Google can’t be questionable. But always remember that the authority of a website is a relative concept. Say Samsung has a good authoritative source related to phones but it doesn’t have any authority regarding fashion. Building a good authority is very time-consuming and difficult. 


The trustworthiness factor can be established only with the accuracy, transparency, and legitimacy of the content on the website. There are several factors for evaluating the factor of trustworthiness of the website. The first factor is the publisher of the content. If the website belongs to the person having the same niche can be regarded as more trustworthy.

The online store has to provide reliable information to get a better ranking on the search engine. The user has to check the keyword position of his blog on the search engine regularly. For example, if you have a support website but you haven’t provided the proper contact information that it will not be considered trustworthy. This factor also depends on external references such as backlinks. 

How to manage E.A.T. SEO?

Content is the most crucial entity of the website. You need quality content for getting a better ranking on the search engine, The Google search core algorithm updates regularly to enhance the experience of the user. If you do the keyword stuffing on the website then your page may get penalized as it has an adverse impact on the readers.

Google ranking prioritizes HTTPS to provide security checks to the users. The main focus of Google is to provide the best search result so the E.A.T updates regularly. Google continuously works to improve the result and provide the correct credibility to the website. There are several methods to improve the SEO on the website to get better trustworthiness and a good rank on the search engine. 

Get a link from a good source

Good backlinks are important for SEO. Your site should get the link from other sites which have high DA.

This will help in improving the trust factor on your website. But you should get the link that has the same niche and audience. Say, you have a fashion website; getting a backlink from a technical website won’t help. Performing Off-page SEO is not easy and should be done in the correct way. 

Create accurate and unique content

When you write content that never gets changed like history topics then you won’t have to make changes or updates on it. However, if you write on fashion and trends then you have to update the content on the website regularly.

The updated content also gets a better score on E.A.T. But the information on the blog must be accurate. Your content will be defined as high-quality if it is unique. Always check the blogs on QueText to prevent any plagiarism. If you are adding high-quality content regularly; your website DA will get improved.

Check the credentials

After the new update, Google also starts checking the profession of the writers. Just writing the name won’t be enough. You have to provide a proper author bio on the post.

It will help to verify the credibility of the web pages. For this, you can link the author bio pages to their personal sites or SNS accounts. It will help Google to get information about the author. On your blog, you can also add a portion about the team and contributors. 

Work on content marketing strategy

You must publish the content on the site regularly. Create a calendar and add the blogs, videos, etc according to it. It will help to create a routine for posts on the website. Work on the content marketing goals.

Your content marketing is crucial for E.A.T. The high-value content and marketing will improve the E.A.T. of your website. Have the goal of getting a good search engine ranking to get better views and results.

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