What’s More Important: Domain Authority vs Page Authority

Domain Authority vs Page Authority

In SEO, you have often heard the terms DA and PA. Domain Authority and Page Authority both show insight into the strength of your website. These metrics show how your post will rank on the search engines. Good DA or PA shows that you have performed good SEO on the website or pages and you will get ranking on the search engine pages. 

Domain Authority

Domain Authority is described as a tool to improve SEO. It is developed to predict the website ranking on the result pages. The DA of a website ranges from 0 to 100. Higher the score the better the ranking on search engines. A low score in DA shows that your pages may not appear on the top pages on search engines. This is only a predictive measure so it’s better to get a good score than your competitors. If your DA is more than your competitors then your website will rank on higher pages than others. 

The DA score of a website ranges from 0 to 100 where the new website has a DA of 1. You can easily grow the DA of the website to 10. But after that, you have to perform good SEO to improve the DA of a website. You can check the DA of your website using the MOZ tool. It offers a free Domain SEO analysis tool. Go to Moz’s website and click on Domain Analysis and enter your website’s URL. You will see the DA on your website.

Improving Domain Authority

As you know DA is crucial for the website ranking then you have to improve it using several strategies such as on-page SEO, off-page SEO, etc. But the best strategy to score well on DA is backlinks. For boosting the backlinks, you have to get backlinks from top websites.

If you get lots of links from top websites, the DA of your website will improve immediately. For getting good backlinks from top websites, you can write guest posts. You can run the backlink campaigns and create good content for the guest posts. If you get the link from top sites, you can see a good improvement on the DA. You can describe DA as a relative ranking which means it shows how your website is working compared to others. Websites with higher DA than yours will have a better ranking whereas websites with lower DA will rank behind your pages. 

Page Authority

Page Authority can be described as a metric tool that shows the ranking on individual pages on the search engine. All the aspects of PA are similar to DA but talk about a specific page instead of the whole domain. All the pages start the PA with 1. It also ranges from 0 to 100. Higher page authority means a good rank on the search engine.

You can improve the PA of your page from 1 to 10 easily but it takes lots of time and effort to enhance the score to a higher level like 70 to 80. But improving the PA is difficult as it doesn’t improve with on-page SEO. For improving the PA of the page; you have to get more backlinks. Get high-quality backlinks and improve the PA of the pages. For checking the PA of your pages, you can use several tools like Keyword Explorer, LinkExplorer, MozBar, etc. 

Improving Page Authority

The PA of the webpage is a type of holistic ranking that shows how the webpage is working. You can improve the PA of your pages by improving the backlink on the page.

Get links from the top website for the page and it will help to score better on PA. There is no term as good PA; if your PA is more than your competitors then it is good enough.

Domain Authority Vs. Page Authority

The DA and PA work on the same principle. Your DA shows how the site will rank on search engine pages whereas PA shows the ranking on SERPs of specific pages.

The DA also depends on the on-page SEO of the website whereas PA doesn’t. The DA of a page depends on several factors like linking root domains, links, etc. But the PA depends on link counts etc. 

Boosting DA and PA of your site

Remove low-quality backlinks

Not all the links on the website are good. A low-quality backlink may create an obstacle instead of improving the score. Top-quality links help to improve the DA and PA whereas low-quality may harm the score.

Get information about which links are considered as good and which are bad. If you have any bad links on the website then remove them. Generally, if you are getting a link from a website that has more than 40 DA then it will be considered as good. 

Improve the content quality and link profile 

The best method to improve the DA-PA of the site is by creating high-quality content. If you write content that people want to read and share, the DA and PA of the page will score better. Google’s algorithm updates regularly with a motive to improve the user experience. It tries to rank the pages according to what the user wants to read. Don’t believe too much in metrics, your website may start lagging. Work on the quality of the content and all other things will start following up. Create quality content and optimize it with good on-page SEO. Once the content on the website improves, the DA and PA will also start increasing. The top website will willingly provide the backlink to your site. 

If you write good content on the website; people will love to read and share it. You will start getting good views on the website. If the DA of your website improves, the PA will improve automatically. PA improves fasters than DA however improving DA is more important. When the DA of your site improves, you will get good traffic. For improving the brand name and getting long-term benefits then work on DA. Both of the entities are crucial however DA requires more attention. If you are focusing on particular pages then try to improve PA. But if you want to build a good brand name then improve the DA score of your website.

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